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The Robotics Research Group started its existence in 2004 ad. Its current permanent members are (in alphabetical order):

Marius BORODI - MsC.Ing., PhD student, researcher (
Florin COTOFAN - MsC.Ing., teaching assistant (
Florin COSTEA - MsC.Ing., PhD student, researcher (
Sorin HERLE - MsC.Ing., PhD student, teaching assistant (
Gheorghe LAZEA - Prof.Dr.Ing., head of the group (
Cosmin MARCU - MsC.Ing., PhD student, researcher (
Radu ROBOTIN - MsC.Ing., PhD student, lecturer (

In addition to the people listed above, a number of diploma students are working with us each year.

Alumni/Former members:

Mihaiela CHIRA - Dipl.Ing. (
Florin DINGA - Dipl.Ing. (
Florin MEZEI - Dipl.Ing. (
Remus SIME - Dipl.Ing. (
Romulus SIME - Dipl.Ing. (
Daniel BERA - MsC.Ing. (
Adrian BUNEA - MsC.Ing. (
Radu Bogdan RUSU - MsC.Ing. (

We are welcoming any individuals with interests in robotics to join our research group. For any additional information about us, do not hesitate to send an e-mail to with "rrg-question" as Subject.

Last Update: 8 January 2008